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The Society of Voluptuaries
throwing ourselves off that cliff again and again
28th-Apr-2010 04:24 pm
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Pretty much the same as last time. For the last 2-3 months now, I've spent more time looking at & unfairly judging my old work than I've spent making any new work. This makes me want to escape, and all my forms of escapism have bled away.

I had to curtail all of my non-work responsibilities, including chairperson positions, in order to refocus on work and make art more of a priority in my life. Instead, I seem to be making general crafts and spending more time thinking about kink.

I'm having a really, really hard time doing anything that's important to me these days, and I don't know why, can't sit still long enough to look at it. Most ominous of everything, the urge to lie about how I've spent my time, especially to people who care about me, has been growing. I need to do something about that shit.

2) Last month's goals:
1. Make three phone calls to my creative circle.
Success! I had a nice conversation with several self-employed friends, and they were all grateful for the calls. I did, however, completely fail to call Kit. I've just paused in writing this to create a contact group on my phone of people to call, and it now has 50 names in it. Whoa.

2. Redesign my convention booth according to the new schema
While the basic redesign is now complete, and instead of copying bits and pieces of my friend's booths, I am now incorporating the lessons of those items into a unified whole of my choosing....it still doesn't feel optimal to me. I need to take that booth, and the "costumes" I wear while selling in it, and push it to 11. Right now, it's only about a 7.

On the other hand, I did accomplish the goal, and need to give myself credit for that.

2-B) New Goals:
* Make 1 Creativity Call per week.
* Post something for critique on Voluptuaries.
* Critique things on Voluptuaries.
* Prepare for shows BEFORE crunch time.

3) Creative concept:

I've been organizing a rpgame in the last two weeks or so, and am toying with the idea of running it entirely online, through emails and monthly group-chats (video, voice, or just IM). It'll be set during the tail end of the Reconquista era in what's now called Spain, and I have a pretty intricate background for it. There are chunks of it which I almost want to write about, but I'm feeling hesitant to write "stupid gaming stories," much less post them to voluptuaries.

4) Suggested activity for next month:

Describe something that's interesting to you. Bonus points if it is something you are embarrassed about admitting you find interesting. Make it sound as cool as you think it is.
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