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The Society of Voluptuaries

throwing ourselves off that cliff again and again

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a private writer's group focusing on critique and seeking publication.
Voluptuaries, consumed by their senses, always begin by flinging themselves with a great display of frenzy into an abyss. But they survive, they come to the surface again. And they develop a routine of the abyss: "It's four o clock. At five I have my abyss..." -- Sidonie Gabrielle Colette

Created in December 2005, The Society of Voluptuaries is a private writers' group for hedonists.

No Spectators!

We make occasional public posts in this community on general interest writing topics or pointing to useful writers' resources. However, the majority of posts are friends only. Only members can post or read the work of other writers, and all members are expected to be full participants in the Society.


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What is the Society of Voluptuaries?

The Society is a writing group made up of hedonists and others who take pleasure from writing, but who need a little encouragement to make time for it amongst the many other pleasures and stresses of life. Many of us are from Texas, but we've had members from all over.

For the most part, the only public posts you'll see here are occasional announcements of our accomplishments. We're private like that, and hiding our work behind a friends-only, members-only wall ensures we can sell it later.

Where can I learn more?

This user info page is one place. We also have a more complete FAQ but it's terribly out of date.

Can I join?

Right now the group is reorganizing. We are not currently accepting members. However, you can email society at voluptuary dot org to make inquiries about the group. In the meantime, you may want to investigate novel_in_90. If you live in Houston, you should check out Houston Art Nerds, a similar group run by todfox, founder of the Society.

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